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So you have come across this site "Southeast Wedding Photography" you love the look of my work and want to get in touch with me to find out more... 


STEP ONE BEFORE BOOKING - Send me a direct message on FACEBOOK. 


I use facebook mostly instead of email because I send a lot of very similar emails which in the past have been flagged as "spam" and lost couples who thought I did not want to shoot their wedding but instead my messages had been going into a SPAM folder. :-( 


Send me a message with the Date and Venue details so I can check the distance and availability, please also send over any initial questions you have. at this point, we will continue our dialogue on facebook but at any point, I am completely free to speak on the phone or perhaps a skype video chat whichever you would prefer. 


So at this stage, we have two options...


You love my work, you like me and want to get booked up! AMAZING!!!! To get the date locked in we have to do two things. 


  1. Completed the online booking form - This is a form I send directly to your email address and is fully online so I can be filled in and signed without needing to be printed, once completed we will both receive a fully completed form via emails. 

  2. Deposit Payment - This payment is to be made via Bank transfer. Once this has been received, I will send you a receipt for the payment and your date will be locked in. 


Your other option is if you like my work but would like to speak/ meet face to face before confirming. 


I always offer phone calls and or a skype video call so we have the chance to speak face to face whenever you would like to, I am not a sales guy so it's always just a friendly chat to get to know each other. :-) if however you still would like to meet... great!!! We will arrange somewhere between both of us to meet for a coffee or a meal and talk through everything about you two, me and your wedding day. If you wanted to go ahead and book, we would now follow option one. 


NOTE: Dates are secured via a deposit so your wedding date will remain open while we arrange a meetup, I will always keep you in the loop and let you know before anything is confirmed. This is why throughout 2018 & 2019 95% of my couples decided to book after speaking on social media or after a Skype Video call however if you would like to meet, please just mention it and we can get that organised. 






This is when the fun begins!!! At this stage, it is a good idea to get in touch with the venue to ask when would be a suitable time for us to have a look around together. I have a couple of venues I shoot a lot however I try to limit this so I can look at a venue with fresh eyes, it is very easy to fall into a trap of just knowing what works and not thinking outside the box, I like to give my couples images that don't look similar to other couples, I want you to feel like you have something unique. When we are looking around the venue, we will visually run through the day and make rough plans/ ideas on what and how we will capture your wedding day, I like it when you have input to make you feel more connected to the process. 


During the lead up we will also set up a Whatsapp group between us 3 so everything and anything about the wedding photography or just about the day, we can have in the same place, I am only a message or phone call away so at any point you want to chat, have a quick question or want some advice, I am on hand at any point to help. 


5/7 days before the wedding, I will send over my final questions/ confirmations to make sure we both have the correct information and if we need to make any changes to any plans. 




The day is finally here! I typically arrive 30-60 mins before our start time (unless bridal prep starts before 9 AM) I like to give you time to get settle into bridal prep so I take your lead on when you would like me to start documenting hair and makeup. 


Throughout the whole day my main goal to capture the day as it happens without being in anyone's face, you can see from most of my reviews, everyone has commented on how little they noticed I was there while still managing to get lots of amazing action/ close up shots.  


I always like to engage with the guests and get them used to me being around, however, later throughout the day I will say to your guests if at any point they would like a photo with their friends, partners or families to please come and find me and would be more than happy to get some images of them. 


If you have selected a package where you have me throughout the evening as well, once the first dance has taken place and everyone has left the dance floor, I will then go and start up the photo booth which will be active for roughly 2 hours. Once this time is up, I will then continue to take photos throughout the evening until last orders or 11 PM. 




It is sad the day is over but you still have a lot to look forward to! 5-7 working days after the wedding, I will get a sneak peek collage sent over to you, this will be randomly selected images from each part of the day. It will take up to 2-4 weeks after your wedding to get all your photos finished and added to your online gallery. This is where you can view and download your wedding photos to your computer or phones and start to share them with your friends and families. You can also purchase high-quality prints from your gallery and have them sent straight to your home. 

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