I want to first congratulate you both on your engagement and starting the journey to your big day. My primary focus is to make sure the whole process is smooth from start to finish whether you are getting married in 6 months or 2 years from now, no corners will be cut. I pride myself on not just being a wedding photographer, I believe my job goes much further than that. I want to make sure we have explored everything you want and need for your big day. We have a meetup to discuss how everything is going and to adapt or change plans as wants and needs can change at any time and be a sounding board for you both if you need any help or advice with anything as every part of the wedding will have an impact on your photos.

Wedding Photography is in my eyes one of the most important aspects of the day... now this is not coming from Dan the Wedding Photographer, this is coming from Dan who got married and did not invest in a "professional photographer" and that is by far my biggest regret from my wedding day. We had a family friend do ours and well.... it did not turn out how we would have wished, now this is not just my experience, it only takes a small facebook search to find pages of couples who are in the same boat as my wife and I. As the years go on, these images will be your only memories of your day... Can you truly put a value on what is worth? 


Where are you located?

I cover mainly Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire & London.. however, I do work nationally so if you do not fall into these areas, still get in touch.

Can you stay later into the evening after the first dance?

You may have noticed that a lot of photographers only work up to first dance and some are willing to work past that time but for a high hourly rate... NOT ME!! I have put together a package which means you have the full day and night covered, ( Bridal Prep - Last Orders/11 PM) These mean I am providing full coverage without the premium hourly rate.

How much is the deposit to secure my date?

For 2020, the deposit is £250 however during certain offers, This may be reduced. If you would like to book but don't have the deposit, I can accept it instalments so please ask and I am always happy to accommodate your situation.

How do I pay the final balance?

This can be paid in many ways and similar to the previous answer, I try to work around your situations. I am happy to receive the final balance in several ways 1. To pay the final balance in one lump 1 months before the wedding. 2. divide up the balance and spread it over the remaining months to the big day or to just pay random amounts as and when funds are available. Now if you ever run into any issues, please let me know and we can come to an arrangement, I want to provide a stress-free service for your wedding so anyway I can help... I will!

How many pictures do you provide?

With my packages, they include up to 500 edited pictures, however, I have always been over this amount so 500 would be a minimum.

Can we see your portfolio in person?

So this is an old way (still used by some) where you bring an album of your best work to showcase in a face to face meeting but now we have high-resolution screens on computers, tablets and phones, you can see images in very high quality so I feel that this is not needed, please take a look at my portfolio page to see a gallery of my work. what I like to do instead if you request it send you some full wedding galleries, these galleries are what my previous couples have received, which gives you a better idea of what you will truly receive rather than just a few snapshots on my highlighted work. I have a lot of examples of my work so if you have any special requests, send me a message and I would be glad to help.

How does your photo booth work?

I now am able to offer a photo booth service alongside both packages. It is lovely custom made solid oak & walnut free-standing photo booth which is 100% battery powered which means it can be set up anywhere without restriction. This is a fully digital service (No prints) Guests can email their photos to themselves or wait until the following day where I will send an online gallery of all images which were taken with the photo booth, the guest then has the ability to download for free from the gallery.

How long in advance do we need to get booked in?

Typically I am getting booked about 12-18 months before the wedding, this is not always the case but peak season gets booked up very quickly so I suggest getting in touch sooner rather than later.

I would like to first start by answering a few common questions couples have at the start of their Wedding Photographer search.


DSC07628 - Copy.jpg

Collection One


Bridal Prep - First Dance Coverage

Pre - Wedding Consultation

300 High Resolution Edited Images

Password Protected Online Gallery


Collection Two


Bridal Prep - First Dance Coverage

Pre - Wedding Consultation

400 High Resolution Edited Images

Password Protected Online Gallery

Sneak Peak Collage within 5 days

15% Discount on Gallery Prints


Collection Three


Bridal Prep - Last Order/11PM

Pre - Wedding Consultation

600 High Resolution Edited Images

Password Protected Online Gallery

Sneak Peak Collage within 5 days

25% Discount on Gallery Prints


2 Hour  DIGITAL Photobooth with Props




3-8 Minute Wedding Highlight Plus Full Ceremony & Speeches Recording.


I am now delighted to add Wedding Videography to my list of services. This is brand new and this is reflected in the current price. If you are looking at getting a video created for your special day at an introductory rate, get in touch soon as this is limited to 5 couples.


Booth  + Photo

2 hour Photo booth PLUS late evening Photography.


So you have booked your photographer and they are only staying to First Dance? Well I am now offering an evening media package which is affordable and means your whole wedding is covered.

Whats Included?

- 2 hour Photobooth after the first dance

- Evening Photography upto 23:00

- Receive Photobooth Images Same Night

- All Evening Photos with 5 Working Days



Engagement Shoot


Engagement Shoots are a great way for us to get to know eachother and also for you to get use to being in front of the camera before the big day. The shoot can be organised for the same day as our Pre- wedding consulation/venue visit.

50% discount on this price if you purchase collection 2 or 3.