Wedding Photographer Advice 1 Hour Skype or Phone Chat  



Wedding Photographer Consultation 1 Hour Skype or Phone Chat.  


This is for couples who are just starting on your search for a wedding photographer and not too sure what you're looking for? what questions do you need to ask?  etc. The whole hour we will discuss your wedding day from start to finish and make sure you feel more comfortable when approaching wedding photographers and other suppliers.


NOTE: I will never try and sell my photography services as this is a stand-alone service, HOWEVER... If you do decide you are interested in my wedding photography, I will deduct this price from my Wedding Packages. 

Are you looking at starting your career in the Wedding Photography Business? I now offer a 1-2-1 online session for us to talk through a1-year strategy on how to start or grow your existing business, I will look through your portfolio, website and social media to then give you advice on what's great, good and needs improving. 



Tel: 07515674160 - Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 2AN

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