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COVID - 19

Firstly I hope everyone is in good health and although we are facing a difficult time, WE WILL! get through this together. I have been working hard on putting plans and finding the best solutions on how I can continue forward as a Wedding Photographer and how I can help as many couples as I can.


Please find below my current packages and offers I am providing to all couples for the rest of this year.


Are you looking to book a Wedding Photographer for 2020 or 2021?


From now... I will be now offering up to 50% across all my photography Collections. Head over to my Investment page and find out what each collection is offering, when you have found a collection you are interested in, send me a DM and I will send over your offer based on you Date and Venue Location. 

Click here to view my collections 


For anyone booking a wedding for 2021, I now a few ways to help spread the cost of your deposit.

  • Pay 4 monthly instalments of £50

  • Pay 2 £100 instalments over 4 months 

  • To defer the payment and pay in full by 1st December 2020 

  • Make payment as normal at the time of booking

    There is an additional form to fill in if you want to take advantage of these options. 

Did your Photographer and/or Photobooth supplier cancel due to Covid-19? 

I normally have a limit of only 8 weddings every month which I am pleased to say I have now lifted to 20.


What I am offering..... 

  • Short notice weddings (24 hours) 

  • Photographer package matching service and price where possible

  • Photo booth services

  • Payment options pre and post-wedding.


If you have any questions or would like to get booked in. Send me a DM on Facebook or Send me a Whatsapp message on 07515674160.  

To everyone stay safe and again we will be through this hopefully soon. I am here if you need anything. 

Daniel xx
Southeast Wedding Photography

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